Headphones Scholarship

– A $1000 Monthly Scholarship –, as the name suggests, is a List of Top Rated Gadgets and Products in various categories, (such as headphones and speakers). In a nutshell, we help consumers select the product which can cover most of their requirements.We scrutinize our recommendations to the point of obsession. (Example: Best Workout Headphones 2017.)

An essay submission is required to enter this scholarship. Based on the best submission, A winner will be chosen and awarded $1000 which must be used towards the cost of the education.



How to Participate?

You have to write an article on the topic: The future of audio technology. 

Your article should be at least 500 words.

Note: Plagiarized content will be rejected.


Eligibility Requirements

You are eligible to enter into this scholarship program if you study at a state college, university, or a community college and as long as you’re attending high education classes. There is no minimum GPA requirement or age restriction to enter this competition.


How to submit your work?

Email your article at:

You should include your:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Name of Institute
  4. Area of Expertise


Important Dates

Deadline: 27th of Every Month.

We will announce the winner by 30th. Your $1000 scholarship will be sent via Paypal or a Check.

Total Submissions this month: 92